An accessible Novitas Learning Center account must register for live events or participate in on-demand training. You can register for a free account if you don’t already have one by using the links below. If your application for an account has been approved, you can login to the system and register for training. Follow the instructions in Create a new account.


Novitasphere provider portal Learning Center. View account details. Nine hours ago, A free Novitas Learning Center account was required to register for live events or participate in on-demand training. The following links will enable you to create an account if you don’t have one already. Once your account opening request has been validated, you will be able to access it.

Novitasphere Provider Portal has unique preemptive advantages in the permissions role. If the patient does not already have a lifetime code, the more accessible data due to code will be displayed with the Next Tech Date and Next Pro Date.

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These dates indicate the next date the patient is eligible for treatment. That date may even have passed if the patient has been entitled to this benefit for some time.

Steps For Novitasphere Login

  • It is possible to access the Novitasphere login portal at
  • Enter your username and password and check the box to accept the terms of use. Select Connect
  • Select your MFA device by clicking the drop-down arrow. Enter your security code and click Confirm.
  • Suppose you selected Text Message: Short Message Service (SMS), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or Email us your MFA device type, select Request Code to generate a code. After receiving the code, enter the code you received and select Confirm.
  •  Alternatively, you can reach the Novitasphere Helpdesk at 1-855-880-8424 if you no longer have access to your MFA devices associated with your IDM profile.
  • When you update your email address, you will receive an email with the security code.
  •  Go back to the login screen, enter your username and password, and check the box to accept the terms and conditions. Select Connect
  • Select your email MFA device by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting “Send me code.”
  • Enter the security code sent to your profile email address. Then select Confirm.


Novitasphere Login Requirements 

  • It would be better if your laptop, desktop, or smartphone went to the official portal.
  • If you’re having connection issues, make sure your internet connection is stable.
  • We recommend accessing the Novitasphere login portal using a recommended browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.
  • To find your loan and access your insurance information, you need your loan number, zip code, and SSN (social security number).

Registration For Novitasphere 

Follow the steps below to complete registration with Novitasphere. If you do not have a Novitasphere Supplier Portal account, you will be limited to accessing certain Supplier Portals.

Step 1. Enter in your browser.

Step 2. You are on the official login page for Novitasphere Login.

Step 3. Click the New User and Registration link.

Step 4. Register your account to set your username and password. To do this, click on “Connection.”

Step 5. Complete the Novitasphere Supplier Portal registration form by providing your account with your personal information and email address.

Step 6. Read and understand the terms of the registration process.

Step 7. You must accept the terms and conditions to continue.

Step 8. Create your username and password.

Step 9. Click the Register button and complete the LHI Provider Portal registration process.

Terms And Conditions For Novitasphere Login

  • Register today to use Novitasphere. Our online portal is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, excluding normal maintenance downtime.
  • Before deciding to speak with an agent, please ensure that you have retrieved all Novitasphere eligibility and entitlement status information from the RIV. The CMS requires all application status and eligibility information to be obtained through the IVR. Our agents will have to refer you to the RIV if you have not already done so. Please see our RIV User Guide for a complete list of information included in Claim Status and Eligibility on the RIV.


  • Enter your PTAN, NPI, Tax ID, and any patient-specific information into the IVR before speaking with an agent. This data is passed from our IVR to the agent and saves you from repeating this information.
  • Try voice and enter all information into the SVI. Our agents will redirect you to IVR if you haven’t tried both. Use our conversion tool to make entering data more accessible.
  • Try calling early in the morning. JH and JL’s opening hours have been extended for our A/B call center. Agents are now available from 8 am to 5 pm. The last call will be at 6:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.
  • Use our website contact section for valuable addresses and phone numbers. Our agents will direct you to an informational message with this information when you call.

What to Do If You Forget Your Credentials?

Forgotten User ID?

At, you can access the Forgot User ID link if you have forgotten your User ID. You can simply find the link at the top of the IDM home page. You will be asked to enter your email address, first and last name, and the corresponding date of birth.

Once your account is verified, a user ID will be emailed to you. After logging into your Novitasphere account, please contact our Help Desk at 1-855-880-8424 if you cannot access your Novitasphere Eligibility email address. Do not create a second user ID.


Have we forgotten your password?

You do not need to call the Novitasphere Help Desk to reset your password. You can reset your password by visiting the IDM website at: You should follow these steps if you forgot your password or you received an error message saying your password is invalid.

In order to reset the password for the Novitasphere provider portal, the following steps must be followed:

  • Visit the IDM website at Select the Forgot my password link.
  • Enter your User ID and select the method you wish to use to receive the password. Your MFA device must be added to your account before SMS texts and voice calls can be used.
  • Select the Reset password option after answering the security question. Please enter a new password and retype your new password at the Novitasphere portal to confirm. Carefully read the password requirements below.
  •  Click Reset Password, and you will be directed to Novitasphere login.

On-screen, you will see a confirmation that your password for the Novitasphere portal has been changed. Is it over there? They will also send you an email for verification and to notify you of your password change. You must log in again with your new password.


Note: Users cannot change their password more than once a day.

Functions Of Novitasphere Portal Enrollment

Welcome to Novitasphere Portal Enrollment, where we strive to achieve the highest level of service to meet our customers’ needs. A living practice, customer service is not just a slogan for us.

Novitas Solutions welcomes you to the Medicare program. Building a relationship with you is of utmost importance to us. Since you’ve joined the growing ranks of Medicare providers, Novitasphere MBI Lookup Tool, you must understand Medicare policies and make accurate statements. Our suppliers can familiarize themselves with some of the features and services we offer by clicking the links below.

Join our email lists

The Novitas Solutions website is the most efficient means of communication with our suppliers. As a member of our mailing lists, you will receive information about news, events, important alerts, Medicare policy updates, and more. Your contact information will always be kept confidential.


Electronic invoicing

All suppliers, collection services, and clearinghouses must register to become EDI collectors. Electronic reporting, EFT, free PC-ACE software, the benefit of Novitasphere eligibility, a 14-day minimum payout threshold, and a dedicated EDI help desk are just a few of the many benefits of becoming an e-invoice. EDI instructions, requirements, and registration forms for Part A and Part B are available.

IVR Instructions

The IVR provides the community provider with quick and easy access to Medicare information such as eligibility, application status, checks, and Medicare news. Customers can reach the provider’s toll-free number for more information about this service.

For LA/B MAC jurisdictions (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Districts of Columbia, Arlington, and Fairfax Counties in Virginia or the City of Alexandria in Virginia), you may contact the supplier’s customer service record. At 1-877-235-8073.

For MAC JH A/B jurisdiction (Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, or Texas), you may contact the Provider Enrollment Services Customer Service Hotline at 1-855-252-8782.

Introduction to Novitasphere Portal Enrollment

Learn more about the Medicare program by accessing and downloading available resources such as billing guides, Novitasphere MBI Lookup Tool, and CMS manuals.

Educational programs

All upcoming events, including in-person workshops, webinars, and conference calls, scheduled by our Salesperson Education and Public Relations department will be posted for your convenience, with online registration available.

Contact information

Contact details can be found on our Contact Center (JH) (JL) website if you would like to contact us via the website, phone, or mail.

Official NameNovitasphere
Portal TypeLogin
Mobile AppUnavailable

I Don’t Have Access To My Account. How Can I Get It Back?

Once your account is blocked after trying to log in three times in a row, you will not be able to log in. Your account will automatically be unlocked after 60 minutes. If you don’t want to wait, you can use the Forgot Password option and reset your password using the steps in the section below. There is no need to create a new User ID.

I can’t access my account. How can I get it back?

When your User ID cannot be accessed for three consecutive attempts, your account will be blocked. The system will automatically unlock your account one hour later. If you don’t want to wait, you can use the Forgot Password option and follow the steps to reset your password in the section below. Do not create a new User ID. Only the User ID owner can reset their account. If the user is still unable to access their account, they should call the Novitasphere Portal Help Desk at 1-855-880-8424.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access Novitasphere if I’m outside the US?

Work performed outside of the United States is restricted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). System features include:

  • Submitting electronic payment requests.
  • Receiving electronic remittance notice.
  • Accessing any system to obtain beneficiary information and/or eligibility.

Any request for access to Novitasphere by a foreign party will be promptly refused by Novitas Solutions, Inc.

How do additional employees access Novitasphere Portal?

Each user must request their access. Have your coworkers sign in to IDM and sign in as an Office Backup Approver or End User Approver as needed. Desktop backup approval requests are analyzed by the Novitas team. End-user requests generate an email to the Office Approver that they have a ” Pending Approval request.”

Is the information in Novitasphere updated as quickly as possible?

The eligibility information for HETS is sourced from HETS. Novitasphere will display the data once it has been updated in HETS.

Last Note

Novitasphere strives to achieve the highest level of service to meet each customer’s needs. Our day-to-day business routine includes customer service not as a slogan but as a constant. It is possible to register additional devices to an existing IDM account for existing Novitasphere users. Customers are strongly encouraged to register more than one device if they cannot access the security code from one of their devices. Customers using email as their MFA device should register an alternative device quickly due to known latency issues.

Welcome to Novitasphere Portal’s Medicare Program. If you would like assistance in any way, it would be our pleasure to work with you. As a Medicare provider, you must understand the Medicare guidelines and submit accurate claims.