Resetting Credentials

Novitas Solutions, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Diversified Service Options, Inc., doing business under the name GuideWell Source. GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation is the parent company.


Novitasphere provides administrative services for federally sponsored healthcare programs on behalf of the federal government and currently administers Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) contracts for Jurisdiction L and Jurisdiction H, 11 states, and Washington DC.

Resetting Credentials

You do not need to call the Novitasphere Help Desk to reset your password. You can reset your credentials through the IDM website at You can use the following steps if you have forgotten your credentials or received an error message that indicates that your credentials are invalid.

Forgotten UserID?

  • Customers who have forgotten their User ID can use the Forgot User ID link.
  • On the IDM home page, click the Forgot User ID link.
  • In addition to your email address, first and last name, and corresponding birthdate, we also need your email address.
  • Signing up for the IDM account will be required. Enter your account zip code and click submit. You will receive an email containing your user ID after verification.
  • IF you do not know your email address or do not have access to it
  • Once logged into your account, contact the Novitasphere Helpdesk at 1-855-880-8424.
  • Do not create a second user ID.


Forgotten Password?

Here are the steps for resetting the password:

  • IDM can be found at
  • Select the link for Forgot Password?
  • Enter your User ID and choose the method you want to use to reset your password.
  • Answer the security question and select Reset password. Please enter a new password and retype your new password to confirm. Carefully read the password requirements below. Click Reset Password.

Your password change will be confirmed on-screen. You will also receive a confirmation email indicating that your password has been changed. You must log in again with your new password.