Novitasphere has unique preemptive advantages in the permissions role. If the patient does not already have one of the lifetime codes, the procedure code will be displayed with Next Tech Date and Next Pro Date. These dates indicate the next date the patient is eligible for treatment.


The Novitas website is a free and secure portal that allows users to access, view, and electronically print funds transfer through a secure website portal provided by Novitas Solutions. The site will enable providers, settlement services, and clearinghouses to receive electronic funds transfers for free. ERA files are available by completing the application using the application/ERA submission option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find my new Novitasphere Sender ID?

There will be an identifier for your Novitasphere referral in the letter of application to Novitas Solutions Novitasphere that you receive. If you don’t have your letter, you can find the sender ID in the profile feature of my account.

How do I register if I have multiple Novitasphere Sender IDs with the same tax number in the IDM?

For organizations with multiple sender IDs with the same tax ID (e.g., settlement services and clearinghouses), the office approver only needs to save the organization and tax ID once in the IDM system. If you create multiple organizations with the same fiscal number in IDM, error messages will be generated using Novitasphere.

I have entered valid claim information. Why am I getting the message “0 records found” when selecting “Send”?

Verify that you entered the search criteria correctly. You can also remove any search criteria that you don’t need. Novitasphere provides fulfillment status information for requests processed within the last 12 months. To view claims data older than 12 months, contact the IVR or contact the Customer Service Center for more information.