Novitasphere offers its providers, billing services, and clearinghouses access to claims, eligibility, and other information through a free, web-based application. Access the claim you want to cancel by placing “S” in the SEL field and pressing enter. This takes you to the claim inquiry screen, claim page 01, where you can begin to cancel the claim. The type of bill (TOB) will now end in an “8,” which signifies a canceled claim.


Choosing the right things and doing them the right way is a simple but profound statement. At Novitas, this is more than just our values statement. It’s how they work, live, and support health care providers participating in the Federal Medicare program and the beneficiaries they serve.

Benefits Provided By Novitasphere

Career Development

Grow your career within your area of expertise or with our Goodwill companies. We encourage growth within a job and developmental planning for your next career move.

Compensation & Rewards

Our compensation programs are competitive with the marketplace, equitable across internal peer groups, and aligned with our business strategies. Let us show you how our employee value proposition offers you more than just a paycheck.


Health & Wellness

Be well! Engage in various programs and activities that will inspire you to make healthy lifestyle choices to enhance your health and well-being​​​​​​.

Skill Growth

Advance your skills through on-site training, an on-demand library of resources, and expert teammates working alongside you.

Work-Life Balance

Our culture supports you with programs that allow you the flexibility to prioritize work and personal responsibilities in a way that makes you happy, healthy, and motivated.

Supplemental Benefits

They offer a large variety of supplemental benefits designed with you in mind! These benefits include:

  • A program to assist employees
  • Benefits of being a team member
  • Gym memberships paid for by the company
  • Teladoc visits for telehealth, Recognizing and rewarding employees across the company