Online Access

Novitasphere is the free web portal for Novitas Solutions providers, collection services, and clearinghouses. Login here to access permission to request information, send and document recovery and much more.


Novitas Solutions, Inc. (Novitas) provides innovative, high-quality administrative services for government-sponsored healthcare programs and serves as a Medicare Part A/B (MAC) administrative contractor on various contracts for Medicare and Medicaid Service Centers (CMS).

Gain Access To Novitasphere

  • To access the Novitasphere website, you must be running Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox. After registering with IDM and being approved for a specific role, go to the Novitasphere URL below to register.
  • Accept the disclaimer displayed on the screen to access the Novitasphere home page. If you have a new email, a message will appear on the home screen that says “New messages! Please check your document recovery inbox for any new correspondence.” Important Medicare notices may also appear on the home page.


  • Your password is one of the ways to prove your identity when using our portal. CMS requires the password to be updated to ensure that you are the only one logging on to the system with this username and password. By setting a password “expiration”, you limit how long unauthorized users can use a cracked password.
  • Also, using strong passwords is essential to protect your security and identity. We recommend that you use secure passwords and do not share them with anyone.

What should I do if my account is locked?

After three failed attempts, your User ID will be blocked. Within 60 minutes, it will be unblocked. The Forgot Password option and steps to reset your password are below if you don’t want to wait. Do not create a new User ID. Due to the privacy and PHI requirements included in Novitasphere, CMS requires all users to authenticate with a password and this secondary token code each time they log in.